CATERPILLAR (2530616) injector for excavator for parts

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Type injector
Part number X2530616
Catalog number of the original 2530616
Year of manufacture 05/2022
Location Turkey Gebze/KOCAELİ
Placed on Sep 17, 2022
Machineryline ID EG29725
Engine mark Caterpillar
Engine model C15, C18
Brand Caterpillar C15, C18
Condition for parts
More details
Arrangement # 2530616
Exchange (Rebuild) Injector

Where Used

C15 Industrial Engine JRE
C15 Industrial Engine MCW
C18 Industrial Engine EJG
C18 Industrial Engine GJE

C15 Engine - Machine E4T
C15 Engine - Machine L4L
C15 Engine - Machine LHX
C15 Engine - Machine TXG
C15 Engine - Machine TXY
C18 Engine - Machine R4L
C18 Engine - Machine RHX
C18 Engine - Machine TXH
C18 Engine - Machine TXW

374 Excavator KHH
374 Excavator RGM
374F L Excavator AP4
374F L Excavator AT2
374F L Excavator MFL
374F L Excavator NFJ
385C Excavator JCM
385C Excavator KBC
385C Excavator KKK
385C Excavator MNZ
385C Front Shovel GLT
385C Front Shovel MMA
385C FS Excavator EAM
385C FS Excavator T2F
385C L Excavator EDA
385C L Excavator KGB
385C L Excavator SBE
385C L Excavator T2E
385C L MH Excavator WAW
385C L Mobile Hyd Power Unit M3W
385C Mobile Hyd Power Unit MSF
390D Excavator BYP
390D Excavator KCZ
390D L Excavator WAG
390D L Excavator WAP
390D L Excavator WBT

D9T Track-Type Tractor NJH
D9T Track-Type Tractor RJS
D9T Track-Type Tractor TWG

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